Day 31 Decide About Drinking

128 lbs

My punishment for gaining 1.8lbs, according to the 17 Day diet book, if you mess up you go back onto the first cycle until I have lost the weight and then go back to where I messed up. I enjoyed a full half day of activate before I messed up :( I can wait to drop the 2 lbs !!!!

Today is much better, I went to Boxercise, and enjoyed it. I was less stressed, took my time. It was good. I also now take a brisk walk at lunch so that's gets my metabolism soaring during the day and I hope it will help drop a little weight. Fingers crossed for tomorrows weigh in!

The Beck Diet Solution

Decide About Drinking

This one actually does not really bother me. I drink very little alcohol, maybe once every other month and at that I drink very little so not drinking is not a problem for me. Judith says that she would rather not drink and instead spend the extra cals on food, I guess my outlook is that if I don't drink I might actually loose weight faster. Right now that's my goal and focus.


Day 30 Stay In Control When Eating Out

128 lbs :(

Come on, this is not fair. I was soo good and have been. I went to Spinning this morning, for some reason I hated it, I couldn't relax, my legs felt weird. I hated it, I'm going to try and relax this evening a little. Calm down, get everything ready for the morning and hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I feel bloated, disappointed, angry. All feeling that I had on previous diets and I'd just give up. I can understand and see why, I kinda felt like that a little yesterday. But whats the point. I enjoy my diet, I'll lose the 1.8 lbs again soon. All that quitting will do is put me right back where I started from.

Goal for today, is calm down, relax, prepare and attach tomorrow with new passion.

The Beck Diet Solution

Stay In Control When Eating Out

Ive been fearing eating out and just avoid it 100%. The diet is so restricted and I just don't know whats in the food in resteraunts, its so hard to decipher healthy from unhealthy. I would rather just stay home and make my own food. However the book also includes in this functions, special occasions and such. So that's where Ive already failed.

The plan asks you to eat out one day this week, to pre plan what and how much you will be eating (up to +25% of the calories for your usual dinner), go with a Friend for support and anticipate the bad thoughts you will have. The other advise is to portion off the food that you can have and only eat that, tolerate cravings and asses your sucess.

I don't think I can do this, this week. I would need to do it for a lunch as I am not allowed starches after 2 pm, this would lower my choices to nothing if I went after 5. So maybe, if I do it, I'll do it later on in my diet.

Day 29 Resist Food Pushers

128 lbs :( :( :( :(

I worked so hard, didn't even go crazy and I gained two lbs. I didn't even consume that much and exercised lots yesterday :(. I probably only just his my calorie expenditure for the day. I have to say, even though I kind of knew this was a possibility, I did not think I would gain so much. I was miserable. I couldn't even go to the gym, no excuse.

I don't think I'll do it again. I dont know if I regret it, because I thoroughly enjoyed it. However next time I do it I wont go over board and I'll do it early in the day, such as for breakfast. :( Sad.

The Beck Diet Solution

Resist Food Pushers

I have to say that there are not many people like this in my life, at least I have been good at avoiding them until now. The book states that many whom over eat cannot say no when food is offered to them and they cannot say No, out of politeness. I'm not really like that. I have no problem with saying to or just having a tiny bit if it was made especially for me.

The thing is my journey is a huge deal for me, disappointing someone by not eating their slice of cake is fleeting and they probably don't mind at all.

Still sad :(

Day 28 Get Ready to Weigh in

126.2 lbs

Today is going well. I have gone to do hydrorider and a lot of walking. In the evening I'm going to a party. Will treat myself to a hot dog bun with pulled pork and half a Chinese take away pot of noodles and a little cake + 1 can of non diet soda.

As it is my first day of the Activate Plan I had a bowl of porridge and blueberries after the gym. That's all I ate until the evening.

The Beck Diet Solution

 Get Ready to Weigh in

Well since I weigh in everyday this is not really necessary. I am a little afraid since I ate 'Bad' food but I exercised lots and didn't over eat. I hope its not catastrophic.


Day 27 Master the Seven Question Technique

I LOST 1.8 lbs :)

Yay I now weigh 126.2 lbs :) Which I think is funny since I feel kinda chubby and bloated today. I did note that I was really busy yesterday and did not really get to eat a dinner. So my thoughts are that I might start having my dinner earlier, like 6pm and have a small snack later it might be helpful and not cause the food to just sit in my stomach all night.

I went to the Gym this morning and did a Spin class. It was tough, mainly strength based. And then I went on and did a class called BodySculpt. It was basically a strength/toning workout using dumbbells. We did squats, lunges, sit ups, crunches, leg raises, biceps, triceps, everything. I'm feeling it right now in my quads and I'm hoping that by tomorrow Ill be fine again to do Hydrorider.

I have to say I am so proud of myself and I don't see myself stopping soon. I have lost 11.8 lbs on this diet, that's amazing, and I'm not struggling. I'm a little impatient with the loss, but that's natural. I cant wait to get to my goal fast enough. However I can see my body being less bloated and toning up a little bit. Also I have not once on this plan gained. SUCCESS!

I mean I have a few days where I know Ill be eating the wrongs foods but just a little, valentines day pancakes, this Saturday my social groups 3rd birthday (Ill have a nibble on what ever is there), but I will be careful. I have done weight loss diets and such before and been totally strict 100% of the time, and its hard especially at birthdays and special events and I found that 1st I was miserable and jealous of people eating, and 2nd it would put a bitter taste into the diet, something that was causing me pain and not happiness. The diet would always in the end fail. But this time if i allow myself a little of the prohibited food in a controlled way I will stick to the diet and wont feel jealous or left out.

My goals are to try and make this healthy way of eating my normal eating and the exercise to be normal. I cant just stop when the weight is lost. The goal is not just weight loss but more so even its maintainace. The scary part is not when will I lose the weight, but how will I keep it off and stop it from happening again.

The 17 Day Diet ACTIVATE

That's it 17 days of the accelerate cycle are completed and I am now on the activate plan. Well I actually didn't have enough cash to go shopping for food for today, but I just got paid so starting with the activate plan tomorrow.

This time around I alternate between one day of accelerate and one day of activate. The difference with the activate plan are that there are further lean meat options such as pork, lamb and beef. There are also grains, pulses and starchy vegetables such as porridge grains, basmati rice, kidney beans and potato, amongst others. The rest of the diet is more or less the same. I can have 2 portions of carbs a day (on activate days) and 2 portions of fruit. So my choice is porridge in the morning with blueberries and for lunch wither a baked potato with mince and beans or a salad with mince and rice and kidney beans. Something like that... I cant wait :)

The Beck Diet Solution

Master the Seven Question Technique

Today the book asks you to review your most common sabotaging thoughts and write responses to each thought using the 7 question technique. The questions include:

What is your thinking mistake?
What is the evidence that the thought is untrue?
Is there another way of looking at it?
What is the most realistic outcome of the situation?
What is the outcome for either solution?
What would I tell someone else in my position?
What should I do now?

My sabotaging thoughts:

- Ah, I deserve that cake as I went to the gym today
The Mistake here is that going to the gym does not allow me to have cake. The evidence that this thought is untrue is that because I eat cake I have to now go to the gym. I am the evidence. The other way of looking at this is that I can have a healthy snack I enjoy instead. The realistic outcome is that I'll over eat, feel guilty and ultimately give up. The outcome of not having cake is being proud of myself, not compromising my weight loss and continuing my journey. I would tell someone else that its not worth it. And now I will not have the cake or just a little slice!

- I don't have to go to the gym, my legs hurt.
The Mistake here is that going to the gym is important and I cannot miss it for most reasons. The evidence that this thought is untrue is that its not OK to miss the gym if my legs hurt as I can still do arm and core exercises. The other way of looking at this is that I can just take a break for one day and get back on track after that. The realistic outcome is that is that I will find another excuse not to go the next day and the next until I wont need an excuse anymore. The outcome of going to the gym is being proud of myself, not compromising my weight loss and continuing my journey and toning also. I would tell someone else that its not worth it, just go, it'll be over in an hour. And now I will go to the gym!
- Its not fair that everyone gets to eat what they want. Its not fair.  
The Mistake here is that everyone gets to eat what they want because they are either not dieting or careful other times and can therefore afford to eat what they like. The evidence that this thought is untrue is that I am in this position because I over ate its only fair that I under eat now. Its all about balance. The other way of looking at this is that I can just have a little to satisfy me and let me know that I'm not missing anything special. The realistic outcome is that a small bit will not satisfy me and I will want and eat more, making me more miserable or causing me to over eat. The outcome of not getting jealous and giving yourself credit is that I wont over eat and will hopefully not be miserable. I would tell someone else that its not going to help your journey and you will be more proud if you don't over eat of feel jealous. And now I will no longer feel jealous and instead see that its only fair and proud of myself for getting over myself.

- Its a special occasion, so Ill only cheat today.
The Mistake here is that cheating today is still cheating and not allowed. The evidence that this thought is untrue is that just because I only cheat on one day it has in the past lead to much more frequent cheating and ultimately compromise the diet. The other way of looking at this is that I can have a little of the 'bad' food and be sure its just a one off and will eat healthily all other times. The realistic outcome is that I'll crave that kind of food more and ultimately give up. The outcome of not cheating is being proud of myself, not compromising my weight loss and continuing my journey. I would tell someone else that its not worth it or that they can have a little but do realise that it is a one off. And now I will make sure I am in control of what I eat and my cravings.

Day 26 Recognise Thinking Mistakes.

Still 128 today.

I feel a little guilty over the little cheats Ive had here and there. I mean I never fell off the wagon and kept up the exercise. But I do need to maintain self control. I guess this has been different as usually I would just have quit, and this is the only time I have persisted. But in no way am I ready to eat 'freely' by that I mean without having someone tell me specifically what to eat and when..

I need to learn and re-programme myself.

I went to the Gym and did a Pump and Tone workout and then I did Ab Attack. It was hard but really really good. I'm glad I did it. But I have to say it does add lot of stress on. I finish with the Gym by 8:00 now and I get picked up for work at 8:15. This means I have 15 minutes to shower, change, make up, hair and grab luch. I have breakfast at work these days. Ah well, its the price I have to pay.

The Beck Diet Solution

I can see myself already thinking that this 6 week beck solution is going to be too short. I think its really good and its retraining me, but I think I need to do it twice and make it a 12 week programme. This is because I'm starting to fall out of the habit of eating slowly or eating less, little things. And I am 100% sure that if I don't keep on top of it they'll all build up and ruin my weight loss. Right now the book is like a crutch to keep me on track and focused. At this point I am half way through and don't think that in the next three weeks Ill have learned all the skills I need to.

I mean the book says to keep it up and keep following the rules. But I think the book will slowly catch dust and I will gain weight. I will start the book again at step one when I finish it, just as a refresher. I don't think I'll write about it there every day unless I come to some revelation.

Recognise Thinking Mistakes

This one is a little confusing to me, I understand it but cant quite put my finger on a good example that's relevant to me. Ok try this:

I'm asleep and my alarm rings, I wake up and think 'Id love to sleep in more' (which is not a wrong thought) and then I think 'I went to the gym yesterday, I don't really need to go today' (This is the Thinking Mistake)

The example used by the book is with food:

'Id really like that pizza, I bet it would be delicious' (this is most likely the truth) and then you think 'Im really hungry, I need to have some' (This is the thinking mistake)

The book wants you to be wary when you do have these thoughts. Consider them and really see if they are true or mistakes. This is important, because we 'over weight' people are really really good at rationalizing our choices. And I have to say that this has every time been the cause of a diet failing and me piling on the pounds even more than before. I don't blame anyone but myself, this time will be different.


Day 25 Identify Sabotaging Thoughts

Still 128...

I cheated today. I had a slice of Toblerone Fudge Cake :( Well I actully dont mind having the cake, its a friends birthday and I diddnt eat much of the fudge frosting or centre, mostly just the madera cake mixture. But I really wanna drop some lbs so I hope it diddnt mess that up. Ill be good for the rest of the say and walk around a bit more to see if I can work it out of my system, maybe I'll have a smaller dinner.

My legs were better today so I went to Spin class and worked really really hard. Just wanna lose another couple of pounds. Losing weight and seeing changes is such huge motivation to keep going.

The Beck Diet Solution

 Day 25 Identify Sabotaging Thoughts

Well I had a sabotaging thought, I gave into it, and now I feel bad. This book is good. Its so easy in theory but in practice ots much mode difficult.

I thought: "I have to have some cake, XXX made it himself and brought it in for us. It would be rude not to have any."

I should have just said , No, I dont need cake, XXX knows Im on a diet and he will understand. In actual fact I just really wanted cake, no need for excuses I was just greedy. I feel good I diddnt eat all the fudge on it, but I should have more self contril. If I cant make a good choise whilst I am on the diet how am I ever going to do it going forward???

I was going to allow myself to have a drink or something outside of the diet plan on Saturday as I am going to a celebration and everyone will be eating pizza, fries, burgers and drinking lots. But I think I have learend from my lesson and will just stick to the plan, I need to learn more self control :(

This is hard

On the other hand, just when I woke up this morning at 6 am ...

I thought: Ah my legs were sore yesterday, they need rest. Ill just sleep in. But I forced myself out of bed! Made my self get up. After a few minutes I felt fine and everyday I feel proud of myself for doing it.

Day 24 Deal with Discouragement

Still 128 :)

Today was difficulty I was still way sore and there was so way I could handle Boxercise. My legs,back and arms just needed to recover. SOoooo I got up and went to the gym and did a small ab workout, also I tried to walk a lot to supplement not going to the gym.

I walked 10 000 steps instead, :) and remained on target with food. Hope to lose some lbs soon. I'm looking forward to 125lbs :)

The Beck Diet Solution

Day 24 Deal with Discouragement

So as the title says today is about learning to deal with discouragement, this is important for me. I don't look particularly over weight, well I do in the images posted in this blog, but I manage to prevent myself slimmer in real life, never the less I was about 18 lbs in the over weight category.

This can cause many people who find out about my 'diet' to try and tell me I look fine, you don't need to diet and sooo on. I would more prefer to have people give me constructive criticism that helps me on my path. Lastly, since I have lost 10 lbs now I can see people are a little awkward about it. I mean if I tell people they are almost a little standoff-ish and not really encouraging. Maybe its because their jealous, but if I know someone who was trying to lose weight I would (and do) fully support them, praise them and offer any help they might need. I don't understand how people can be un-supportive when all I am trying to achieve is better health and fitness.

The book however does not only reference being discouraged by others but also by yourself. At fist you have great motivation on your diet but this fades and a voice in your head begins to discourage you, especially when the number on the scale stops dropping. It tells you that you cant do this or a little cheat here and there wont hurt, however it is essential to remain motivated and encouraged. To get back on track talk to your 'Coach', look at some photos of you from before the diet to see how far you've come. That's how I get my motivation back.

As the book says it is also helpful not to look at the bigger picture all the time. Just see how you can get through the day and then tomorrow focus on getting through that day. After a while your motivation will return, but looking at all the hard work still ahead can be daunting and de-motivation. So take it step by step and just focus on what needs to be done next. You WILL get to your goal if you keep going and never give up!


Day 23 Counter the Unfairness Syndrome

Hi all, I'm 128 lbs today, no change.

I went to the gym this morning for my Spin class which was great :) However not long after my workout from yesterday kicked my ass, my legs are stiff, my shoulders are stiff, my back is stiff. Wow, that was an intense workout! I'm an definitely feeling it now. I am not sure what to do tomorrow if I still feel this stiff, I dont want to make it any worse. So since the only thing that doesn't hurt is my core I might just do a lengthy core workout.... I hate core but it might be the only option.

I'm doing OK today other than that. Just getting on with work, I have also basically run out of everything in the house in terms of food, so I must get a few bits after work. Still looking forward to oats and potatoes on Friday. Yummy.

The Beck Diet Solution

Counter the Unfairness Syndrome

So today the books discusses that feeling when everyone around you is gorging on amazing fatty sugary foods and you cant have any of them, feeling sorry for yourself. I have to say I am sooooooo guilty of this especially around my boyfriend as he is stick thin and eats heaps of garbage all the time.

The book basically says tough luck, the world isn't a fair place. I think thats quite harsh, but I'm the one who put me in this position so its my responsibility to get myself back out of it. If saying no to some cookies is what i have to do then so be it, its a small price to pay for my health. The last thing I would want is to screw up my diet because of a cookie.


Day 22 Say, Oh Well, to Dissapointment

I'm still 128 lbs today.

I'm doing well today, I ate right and went to the gym. The class is called BootCamp. It was such a hard class, the trainer made us do a harder version of the 300 workout. That is the work out the guys that were acting in the movie 300 did to prep for it. It was sooo hard, I pushed all the way to my limits. I almost felt sick after it. I had to have a long rest after the gym and eat something slowly. It was sooooo intense.

I found some turkey mince over the weekend, I have never seen this before in Ireland. I make wonderful turkey burgers wrapped in lettuce with tomato. They were spicy and delicious. I oven baked them and they were lean and delicious. 

On a happy note, I had a look in the mirror today and saw something different. I didn't see a chubby small girl but I could see a very slight change in my physic. That has just given fire to my motivation to try my hardest to make this change. :) Also I have a 'Goal' dress, I plan to squeeze into this once I get closer to my target weight, its a size 8. I have pictures of it below:

The Beck Diet Solution

Day 22 Say, Oh Well, to Disappointment

This task comes on the day of weigh in, and I'm glad. I know this is bad, but I do take a lack of losses badly and it does de-motivates me. I lose confidence and feel like giving up because its not working. I have to shift my focus in this sense, I have to see this as a life change and that if I keep doing the right things the weight will come off. I have to continue this plan for the rest of my life, giving up is not an option, the weight will follow.

Now I have to get the rest of my brain to agree with what I have just said above.


Day 21 Get Ready To Weigh In

So I am 128 lbs today :)

I know my last two posts have been very short. I apologise, life got in the way. I was so happy to see that two pound drop, it makes my hard work at the gym and with food worth it.

Yesterday, I ate outside of the diet plan and home made some sushi with friends that I haven't soon in months. I mean it was healthy, just a lot of rice and some avocado... but I was worried my two pound loss would come back. But it didn't, I also did not fall off the wagon, I'm back to eating as usual today and I have already been to the gym.

The last times that I dieted I would 'cheat' (I hate that word) and then immediately give up, ah well its ruined now. This time my focus is not on the diet but a life style change, so I understand in life there will be times where I over eat and I just need to balance it out with healthy eating and exercise. :)

So I am now in the 20's and it feels awesome. I do feel bloated today but Im sure this will pass and is due to the sushi. Only 5 more days until the next cycle. :)

So at the gym today I did an awesome class called Hydrorider! Its where you do a spinning class in the pool. I do this every Saturday and I love it, I work really hard and its heaps of fun :) I have a picture and video below of what it is.


Hydrorider I soooo much fun :)

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 21 Get Ready To Weigh In

According to the book weigh in day is tomorrow, but I weigh in every day so this may not really apply yo me...Judith says that weighing yourself is essential to celebrate losses but to also be realistic about the current  stage you are at. It help you stay committed.

She mentions that it is important not to hop on the scale thinking, I hope I lost X amount of weight. Which, as you can see from my blog entries, I can often be guilty about. If there is no loss, or even a gain, I have to remember that this is part of dieting, this is going to happen. I have to remember that everyday I get fitter, I am eating better and the scale will catch up to my body. I have to remember this, and I can say it now, but I have to believe it next time I get on my scales.


Day 20 Get Back On Track

I lost 2.2 lbs, WOOOHOOO :)

I am now 128lbs :)

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 20 Get Back On Track

I have to say here that this is what I am best at. Falling off track. I would say that I have been yoyo dieting for the last three years for a month  on and a month off. I know this is not good and this time its a life change but in the past I had great expectations. But at some point I fall of the wagon, take a break and then that's it. I'm back to my usual self over eating, eating everything I want when I want.

So this is important. If I mess up, I cant give up. I have to continue, I have to make a change and think that this is a life change and I have to stop seeing it as a diet but a way of reprogramming how I life lift and deal with situations until it becomes second nature.

If I fall off the track I have to look at my diet again, re-asses why I slipped up and maybe for a while fall back on my secondary diet.


Day 19 Stop Fooling Yourself

So I'm still 130.2 lbs....why cant I break into the 20's come on!

Nothing much new to report today. I went to the gym and ate well, just wished it would begin to show in the number. But that's how it goes.

Ill report more tomorrow :)

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 19 Stop Fooling Yourself

Today is an interesting one, its about not making silly excuses to eat more food. They may seem reasonable, but are clearly just excuses. For example:

Ah well I went to the gym, I deserve more food
I was good today I need a treat
Its a special occasion

I'm not well and I need more food
Well I should finish whats on my plate
Its just for today
Its free today
A friend is pressuring me
I am paying for a meal out
I'm upset

These are traps that are easy to fall into and can sabotage the diet. I need to remember the reasons I'm dieting, what I have achieved and how is this excuse helping me get to where I want to be.


Day 18 Change Your Definition of Full

YAY Im still 130.2 lbs even though I had two thick slices of sourdough bread :)

I am still a little sad that I have no loss but I'm really glad I didn't gain anything. I went to spin class today and it was great! I did a really good job, doing everything the trainer asked. I didn't put up the intensity every time, but other than that I did all the exercises.

I am proud of myself for getting up early and going to the gym
I am proud of myself for doing the classes


I am proud of myself for doing my best in the classes.

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 18 Change Your Definition of Full

This task leads on from yesterdays. And I think that Ive already completed today's take yesterday. I have realised that there is a difference between stuffed and full. I know that I am satisfied before (way before) I am stuffed. The secret is that I have to slow down, let the food get to my stomach, and have my body realise it and not shovel it into my mouth.

I'm afraid of whats going to happen when I'm off the diet. I need to learn this skill to be able to carry on after the diet and for lift. Judith mentions that you should only eat until you are still comfortable taking a walk afterwards. If you are too full to comfortably take a walk then you have over eaten.

I wish that I didn't love food or eating so much :(


Day 17 End Overeating

Guess what weight I am today???? Still 130.2 ...

So this morning I got up super early again, I cant wait to get used to it as I am having to drag myself out of bed at the moment. But... this morning I did a class called Boxercise. I don't like hitting things or people. I really didn't think I would like it, the only reason I did it was because it is the only class that's on. But I really kind of enjoyed it, I mean I still don't like the hitting things and people and such, but I was sweating and working hard. That was good.

In Boxercise there is a lot of circuit work, so there are three different types of punching bags, a station with burpees, sit ups, push ups and set ups. Its based on doing 45 seconds at each station in a circuit. Later we were put into teams and did the circuit again, but this time between every station one person would hold pads whilst the other punched them. The next time we do the circuit its the other persons turn to hold the pads.

Otherwise... there is not much going on still eating the same foods, trying to walk to places rather than using public transport. Really looking forward to starchy foods again :)

* Today I had two thick slices of sour dough bread. I'm not allowed carbs, but a guy from work made it especially for me. I stayed within my calorie expenditure so I'm sure its ok, but since I haven't been losing I hope I don't gain weight for tomorrow.

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 17 End Overeating

So today is all about tackling one of my main issues 'over eating'. I could eat and eat and eat and eat! However for the last 17 days I have learned a lot of self control, but I am not sure whats going to happen once I get off the plan and don't have 'healthy' food 100% of the time. I will have pasta and carbs again so my challenge is making a sustainable change.

I guess here are some steps that I can try if I do over eat. For one I have to understand that if I over eat its not the end of the world. It doesn't mean that the diet is over or that Ive failed so I should give up. I have to let it go and make sure it doesn't happen again, I have to hop back on the wagon and continue eating well. Maybe go to the gym as a consequence or stop eating carbs for a day or two.

Secondly, if I want to over eat I have to make the choice to not do it by looking back on my progress and how far I've come. I never want to go back to being small and pudgy. Over eating is not helpful on my path to lean and short :)

Also if I feel the need to over eat and cannot stop myself I have to try and make a healthy choice. Not chips, crisps or chocolate, but fruit, veg, egg or lean protein.

From this diet I can see the difference of not being hungry and more and being super full. I now know when to stop eating and I know its not when I'm stuffed. I know this because I know I could eat more, but I also know that I don't need more. Its all about slowing down and listening to my body.


Day 16 Prevent Unplanned Eating

Still 130.2 lbs.

I thought with my large workout this weekend I would have lost more weight, or some weight. I wish that the body worked as mathematically as my weight loss projections, but no such luck. You never know, maybe I lost some inches. :) I'm not going to re-measure just yet since I only took measurements a few days ago.

This is something like day 6 on the diet now so about 11 to go. I am looking forward to some oatmeal or potatoes soon :) Yummy. I went to spin class this morning. I am sooooo proud I had almost every thing ready to go last night. Got up at 6:15 and went to the gym for Class :) It was very stressfull juggling getting up, class, shower, breakfast and my lift to work. But at least Ive don't it once now so tomorrow should be less stressful!! WOOHOO bring on the 20's :)

Also I made my own salad dressing using olive oil, balsamic vinegar, mustard, splenda onions, salt and pepper. It sooo nice, I had a great salad at lunch :)

********** Updated 22/01/12

The Beck Diet Solution

Day 16 Prevent Unplanned Eating

This is a major pitfalls of mine. I know that it is encouraged to eat 6 small meals in a day rather than three large meals. This is what Ive done for ages, but I'm not sure if its working, the snacks between mealtimes actually encourages me to eat more than I usually would. I think I may try for a while not to snack between meals.

This step is about not giving in to your cravings or desires. When you say that you want an unplanned snack you need to tell your body that you have 'No Choice'. Anyways the 17 day diet allows you to eat as much allowed protein and allowed vegetables. 


Day 15 Spinning - Monitor your Eating

So today I am still 130.2 lbs :)

I woke up, had some raspberries and headed to the gym and went to spinning class!!! Kudos to me for going, I'm proud I went, I'm proud I finished it, I'm proud I did it. So about spinning class. I didn't hate it. I was shocked, I never liked it before. Now it was hard, I didn't push as hard as all the others but I was sweating buckets. Loved it, so I think Ill take the morning spin classes from now on. :)

For breakfast, after the gym, as I don't think your meant to eat just before the gym, I had a two egg white omelet with cherry tomatoes, spinach and pesto. Its awesome, yum.

********** Updated 22/01/12

The Beck Diet Solution

Day 15 Monitor your eating

 Today is about following your food plan, tracking exactly whats being eaten and how much. I am to track everything, even little snacks. The book urges you to respond to sabotaging thoughts by reading your response cards, reminding your self why your doing this and congratulating yourself when you do everything right.

Writing down what you eat regularly has been proven to help lose weight and it makes you accountable for your weight loss. That's the plan says to not stop tracking your food at least to the end of the plan even though you may not want to. I intend to track everything on my FitBit Dashboard.

Not only does the eating plan show you everything that you are eating, it holds you accountable allows you ti give yourself credit and allows you to find pitfalls and trouble spots.


Day 14 - Porgress Picture - Plan for Tomorrow

YAY 130.2 lbs :) I lost a pound.

Since today is Saturday I have a little extra time I will post some progress pictures and measurements. So here goes:

Measurements as of today:

Shoulder: 102 cm  40 inches
Bust: 98 cm  38.5 inches
Waist:83cm  32.2 inches
Hips: 102cm  40 inches
Arms: 32 cm  12.5 inches
Thighs: 61.5cm  and 24 inches

I gotta run, I wanna get some cycling shorts for spinning class later. :)

So I managed to get the shorts but I was back too late for spinning class. Instead I decided I would take a huge walk (about 4 hrs) I actually did about 21 000 steps. Wow I was exhausted. Ill go to spinning tomorrow :)

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 14 Plan For Tomorrow

The book says that if you are not already on a diet we will be starting tomorrow. Well, I guess I'm a little ahead.The book asks that you write out everything that I will be eating tomorrow, I have already completed this in a previous post and since I eat almost the same thing everyday I wont write it all out again.

I have written in my note book what I eat every day including a calories count and WW points. 


Day 13 - Ranting ... (Sorry) - Overcome Cravings

Still 131.4 lbs :( Come on already!!

I'm just at work, flicking through some forums on the 17 Day Diet. I can see that a lot of people are struggling. Now, I have had no issues with the diet so far, I am perfectly happy with the food and am full most of the time. My current issue is to figure out the best time to eat dinner so its not too early that I get hungry again but that its not too late so I got to bed with a full stomach. Sure, Id like some carbs, like a sandwich, but not having is isn't an issue for me, which is a first as I usually have bread and pasta every day, twice a day.

Some people are really upset about not losing weight after 2 days, others cant cope with the quantity of food or the lack of cabs. I don't have that, I remember last year with the Cambridge Diet I was a lot like that, I invested a lot of emotion into every micro aspect of weight loss.

Right now it seems a little different, I'm taking the diet and going with the flow, following the rules, exercising not over-worrying. Sure I haven't lost for a few days now, and its annoying, but that's ok. I'm doing everything right, eating better and exercising, that in itself is a good thing. Loosing weight is a great bonus and it will follow, maybe it will just take me longer but if I keep doing things right I will lose the lbs.

Maybe its because I did the scared heart diet before hand and prepared my body for a low card low quantity diet or maybe I'm more determined this time around. I realise its not pleasant to reduce the amount I eat, but I'm here to lose weight, I'm only in  this position because I ate so much. It makes sense that now I eat less to get rid of the weight. The 40 lbs didn't not come on over the period of a month, it took about 4 years. So I can expect the weight to just melt off in two weeks. In the past I have moaned about diets and the lack of food you get to eat and fought against it. This time seems different, I know I wont die and that I just have to bite my lip and get on with it and if I think about it I'm not actually hungry, and if I am there are some foods that I can eat. I am trying to take this in my stride and forget its there, focus on life and getting healthy. I have learned that the diet is so much easier if I focus on the good parts and not micro manage all the bad parts.

On a different note:

I realise that I am weighing every day and posting every day. I have no doubt that this will slow down as the diet goes on. Right now I am getting used to it and still excited by the idea. I hope I will continue to post frequently as this motivates me to keep going. I think if I stop posting it will feel a little like losing motivation. But I'm sure it will slow. I wonder if anyone reads  this... either way, its like a diary and helps me to write down my thoughts. It validates them.

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 13 Overcome Cravings

Today is all about cravings. I have to say that so far I'm doing ok, Ive had very little issue with cravings on this diet plan. This hugely surprises me, since I love love love Carbs.

The way to avoid the cravings I have done the following:

-> Focus on what I wish to achieve; think of my goal

-> Why I am in this position now? Because I gave into my cravings, I'm not doing that again!

-> Look how far Ive come! I'm not going to ruin that. 

-> When I crave something I have something healthy instead.

-> Drink a big glass of water.

-> When I have a craving I distract myself by cleaning or being active.


Day 12- Spinning - Practice Hunger Tolerance

Still 131.4 lbs

I guess I'm happy :) But I'd love to see a change on the scales soon. I've made an appointment on Sunday with a personal trainer at the gym to get the most from working out and to see what his opinions are. I'll be back later with more info.


I'm back... soooo here it is. I work a 9-5 Monday to Friday. I usually leave my house at 8 and return usually and 6, so after and before these times I have to fit in Dinner, working out and free time socialising, let along cleaning the house. So my Gym opens at 6:30 am and some classes start a 7, my great idea was to fit in some classes before work to free up time after work to see friends and do other things.

So I looked at the class schedule and found that most of the morning classes are Spinning..... I HATE spinning!!

I basically dislike spinning and cycling, I'm not sure why I don't like cycling but with regards to spinning I have done a class once which was way too advanced for me, I was dehydrated, exhausted, sweating, tired, wheezing and puffing. I wrote it off for life.

Sooo today I went to a class at my new Gym called Begin to Spin. I'm not saying it was easy, it wasn't, but it was at my pace. I could do everything they said, just about, and we learned how to set up our bikes. So I'm going to go to a few regular Spinning classes this weekend to see what my level really is. The instructor even said that I should try my best but if I needed to I could slow down and take it easy. So, Goal No 1 Padded Shorts. Goal 2 Get good at Spinning.

I want to lose more weight :)

Oh and by the way check out my new workout calender on the left. Fields in white/yellow are days I have worked out :)

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 12 Practice Hunger Tolerance

Today is about learning to tolerate hunger. Today is what is considered to be tougher, however since going through the Sacred Heart Diet I already know that I can tolerate hunger. The lesson is to learn that a little hunger is not going to hurt me, Ill survive and get food again soon. I don't need to eat every single time I get a little hunger feeling.

She recommends that you try and skip one meal just to prove that the hunger feeling is ok, you will eat at some point and it is not going to kill me, Ill be fine.


Day 11 Differentiate between hunger, desire and cravings


I'm still 131.4 :) :) :) :)

Right now I'm so happy.

So today... I don't have much to say about today. I stuck to everything that was in my meal plan. I went to the gym. I hope I haven't gained again as I feel pretty bloated right now, but I did just have my dinner. I would love a tiny little loss, just to let me know I'm doing everything ok.  So .. peach out! Ill let you know how I got on tomorrow.

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 11 Differentiate between hunger, desire and cravings

Today's chapter is about getting to know your body and mind better. Knowing when you are hungry or you are just craving something I have always struggled with, I usually eat what I want when I want! No More!!!  Judith asks to employ the 20 minute rule, since it takes the brain 20 minutes to notice if the stomach is full.

The idea is to recognise when you have a hunger/craving feeling and to wait 20 minutes to see if it is indeed hunger or if it is actually just a craving. That way mistakes can be avoided. She asks to keep a hunger chart. For some reasons I have never liked these. I will keep a mental note but I probably will not write the info down. I think this task today will be helpful.


Day 10 - 17 Day Diet Accelerate - Set a Realistic Goal

Soooo the Sacred Heart Diet is OVER :) Yay, I'm so happy I persevered. I was going to give up a few times, but I stuck with it. However I did stop eating the soup after 4 days. Total Loss...

6.6 lbs :) I now weight 131.4 lbs

I'm pretty happy with that, I would not recommend the diet as a weight loss diet, however as a detox or kick start for a continuing diet or lifestyle change I think its fabulous.

I am this morning moving straight on to start the 17 day diet and the Accelerate cycle. I am soooo worried about packing on the pounds in the first few days, so Ill be hitting the gym hard. I would love to just stay at the same weight for the first few days and then gradually lose, but I would cry if I put on some weight initially. :( even though I know its a high possibility.

I already had two egg white omelet with spinach and tomato and a little tiny bit of pesto (which is not allowed). In the morning I also had a glass of water with lemon and an espresso. For snacks I have blueberries, red grapes and low fat pro biotic yogurt. Lunch is 1/2 cup tuna, spinach, peppers, tomatoes, low fat salad dressing (not allowed so  I will use sparingly). Dinner is grilled turkey breast, carrots and broccoli. I must remember not to eat fruit after 2PM. :)

I will let you guys know how I'm getting on.

I feel so heavy :( its scaring me. I don't want to put on weight. I worked so hard on the sacred heart diet. I went to the gym which was awesome, I did mainly weights. For dinner I had baked Turkey breast (with low fat spread, garlic and chili) and carrots and broccoli with some lighter than light mayo. Its was lots, but the amount in the book stated free so I had lots of them.

I didn't even eat all my prescribed food today, I wasn't restricting, I just wasn't hungry. I pray that tomorrow I am 131.4 lbs.

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 10 Set a Realistic Goal

So today is all about goal setting, I like this part. To book says not to fall into the trap of setting goals such as clothing sizes, or goal weights.... however this is exactly what I have been doing. My plan is to be 100lbs... Judith states that at this point it is not realistic to set such specific goals. So instead she asks for a small goal such as 5 lbs. Here it goes, Goal 1 - lose 5 lbs.


Day 9 - End of Sacred Heart Diet - Select an Exercise Plan

So Ive lost 2 more lbs Yay 132 lbs :) So 6 lbs so far :)

I'm a little worried about today, the diet says that you are allowed as much brown rice and vegetables as you like. I'm not sure if I like this because the diet has in no way taught me self control and since Ive been deprived from carbs for 6 days I could eat A LOT of rice.

I'm not sure how to handle this, Ive lost 6lbs and I don't want to ruin this. In the morning I've had a half cup of boiled rice loaded with grated carrot and broccoli. I also added a little light soy sauce, pepper and lighter and light mayo. I only managed to eat half of that. I think I'm weighing in on the cautious side.

I'm going for a long walk now and then going to go to the gym. I'm going to do my first real workout of the year lifting weights and some cardio. I'm actually looking forward to it. My problem with working out is always the motivation of getting up to go. Once I'm there I love it, its just getting the motivation to go that I need to work on.

So I went ti the gym and loved it. I worked hard. Also I ended up having another small bowl  of the vegetable rice. I'm really scared of whats going to happen tomorrow with the new diet. I just hope I don't pile it all back on.

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 9 Select an Exercise Plan

I have this one down already. I'm a member of a state of the art gym, pool, steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi,cardio, weights, 52 classes a week :)

Judith make some of the following points. Exercise helps you stick to your diet, because you worked so hard for it , you wont want to over eat or binge after wards. Apparently it has been said that exercise controls appetite, I have not yet experienced this. However I can say that it speeds up metabolism, which is great. I have found that after working out I have loads of energy and am in a good mood so that's a great thing. On the other hand though I am so tired by 10 I gotta go to sleep. And Ill tone up Woo Hoo.

So I started by getting an appointment with my personal trainer at the gym, he showed me the difference machines and such and worked out a plan for me. I did this for a little while but have now moved onto classes. They push me harder and get me more motivated to keep pushing. I really feel like I'm achieving something. The next thing I'm doing is walking where ever it is possible to walk to, I walk every where, I avoid public transport and drop of the DVD across town by hand. I do my shopping and carry it all back. |I take the stairs not the lift. This is where the FitBit really comes in handy, its so motivating seeing all the steps add up bit by bit. Every little helps.
When trying to lose weight the focus should be 80% diet and 20% exercise.


Day 8 Create Time and Energy

I'm still 134.0 lbs :/ Still! I think tomorrow morning I will take some measurements to see how they are and to see if I am not loosing weight for some time if there is a change in terms of my body shape.

I'm sick of the soup, I actually binned it, I cant eat it anymore. I'm also sick of the beef, so all Ive had so far is some carrots. Today is vegetable and beef today. I also went for another really long walk today, which makes me feel great. Later I will have beef burgers and lettuce and tomato, I'm looking forward to it.

But I cannot wait till tomorrow, unlimited brown rice :) Yay :) For now that's it, I doubt there will be a change on the scales, especially after rice day. But I will keep it off, I'll explain my next plan soon.

I cheated and added a little lighter than light mayo

So I now have some time I'll explain my next plan. This Sacred Heart Diet ends tomorrow, I mean tomorrow is the last day. So I have decided to go with the 17 day diet. At first I thought this was another long haul fad diet, which is not what I need. I only did the sacred heart diet to kick start my new healthy life. The 17 day diet has the backing of many scientists, nutritionists and my favorites Dr Phil and The Doctors.

The Diet is split into 4 stages, Accelerate, Activate, Achieve and Arrive. All are taken in 17 day cycles, except for Arrive as this is the maintenance stage to be followed for life. It is recommended to follow the first three stages in rotation until the weight is lost. I plan to start this on Tuesday and continue it straight from the Sacred Heart Diet.

I have gone shopping and have everything ready. The first 17 days is what seems like a no carb days, well you can have some carbs. You can have unlimited amount of allowed protein and veg, some restricted proteins, fruits and pro biotics. it seems doable, I'm just happy to get some carbs tomorrow before I kick off the 17 day diet. An example meal plan:

1 Espresso + Splenda
2 Egg White Omelet with spinach, tomato, a slight smear of pesto
Red Grapes
Lemon Water
Apple Cider Vinegar Capsule
Cinnamon Capsule

Snack 1
Pro Biotic Yogurt
Sugar Free Jam
Green Tea Splenda

Salad/Lettuce- spinach, carrot, tomato
Low fat salad dressing
Green Tea + Splenda
Apple Cider Vinegar Capsule
Cinnamon Capsule

Snack 2 
Raspberries/Blueberries + Splenda
Green Tea + Splenda

Grilled Chicken/Salmon
Carrot and Broccoli and spinach
Apple Cider Vinegar Capsule
Cinnamon Capsule

After/Before Gym Snack
Yogurt with Jam

Allowed Protein
Allowed Veg

The plan includes that in the morning, upon arising, you have a large glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it. Fruit is not allowed after 2 PM. Also you are encouraged to drink at least one cup of green tea a day. I think  I may cheat the odd time and have two squares of 70% dark chocolate with espresso.

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 8 Create Time and Energy

Week one is over and its time to prepare for dieting this week. Today's task is about finding the time and energy to choose the right foods, shop for the right foods, make lists and plans.Without the time and energy the diet will in most likely hood fail.

Its time to write out a food plan so I know what I can eat and when. Also planning ahead for snacks and such. So as you can see above I have a meal plan set up  for the next 17 days, I know what will be eaten, when it will be eaten and what to shop for.

On top of that I was advised to plan in exercise so I think my plan is to go to the gym every single day for at least 45 minutes. This will hopefully be completed in the morning so it doesn't interfere with the rest of my day.  I will probably take more classes rather then doing my own thing as classes seem to motivate me much more.

Day 7 Arrange Your Environment

Still 134.0 lbs :/

I know I shouldn't be disappointed but I cant help it, just kinda feel I working a lot and getting a little. But then I think, ... HEY!! Ive lost like 4 lbs in 4 days!! My goal was to lose 1 lb per week so I have no right to complain. :)

 Today is Beef and Tomato day!! :) I was waiting for this day but ended up really disappointed. See I don't really like beef or steak that much, but I had prepared these streaks in herbs and spices. I  thought that the lack of meat would get me to enjoy the steaks... but no. Was kind of a disappointment.

So I went out later and got some beef meatballs and made them with a tin  of tomatoes. That was kinda of nice but it seemed like an anti-climax. Did not go to the gym but went for a really long walk which was awesome :) I feel good about that.

 My Boyfriend came over and ate my steak and some of my meatballs. :) As per usual, I love him. We watched some movies... let me see.... they were... Pyjama Girls and Horrible Bosses. Pyjama Girls is a documentary about a culture rising up in Dublin where girls/women from lower class/income estates wear pyjamas everywhere, at home, going to the shops, hanging out with friends. Everywhere. Ill link the trailer below. Often times they are associated with anti social behaviour, drugs and laziness. This documentary takes you deeper into it and shows you the behind the scenes. It was very interesting.

The second movie we watched was Horrible Bosses, which ironically was recommended to me by my lovely bosses. The film was good it was very funny, and I can see why its so popular. I do think that Jeniffer Anistons character was not integrated well enough with the rest of the plot and that the main action of the film happened way too late and should have been earlier to give the plot more time to develop. But all in all it was a great night :) trailer below:


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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 7 Arrange Your Environment

It is now time to clear the home of Junk. So I have gone through all my cupboards, shelves and fridge and thrown out, or hidden, carbs, chocolate or any other tempting junk. I know that it would set me up for failure to have this around so I need to get rid of it, I threw it out and stocked up on healthy, fruit, veg and low carb foods. At work I cleared my desk of sugar, honey and replaced them with sweetener. Also I got rid of chocolate and fatty foods and replaced them with rivita crackers.

I have replaced the yogurt in the fridge with a low fat version, stocked up on fresh fruit and veg. I added low fat dressings and condiments as well as low calorie snack options like crackers, dark chocolate, air popped popcorn and low sugar squash. I am sure as time goes by I'm sure avoiding bad choices will become easier.... at least I hope...


Day 6 Find a Diet Coach

So I just have to post this morning .......................... I'M 134 lbs :) Lost 4lbs in total!!

I know that it is impossible to lose the 17lbs, I'm not doing this diet to lose as much weight as possible I'm doing to to kick start a life long eating habit, like a detox. I always find that its much easier to add food to a diet rather than take it away. So its my plan to do this diet and eat very restrictively and to then be able to add some foods to it and know for the experience of the sacred heart diet that I can definitely survive without that bag of chips. Because Ive done it before.

I'm happy with the way its going, I don't feel deprived and I'm losing weight. I know at this stage that its only water weight but I hope with continuing a diet I can keep the loss up and turn it into fat loss. I feel much better today in terms of energy and the cold. My throat is still sore but not as bad as before so I may go to the gym today and do a light work out :)

Is still early, today I can have as much skimmed milk and banana as I like, soooo I can finally have a cappuccino. YAY It was DELICIOUS. I'll let you you know later how I have managed today. Really looking forward to beef tomorrow.

I have two thing to say that  I am changing about this diet one is a choice and the other was inevitable. I have been having an espresso every morning which is allowed, however I have added a spoon of sweetener every time which is not mentioned as allowed. I also have a lot of green tea during the day and had sweetener with this. So that was my choice, but Id rather enjoy the diet, lose a little less and be able to continue it than hate it and fail.

The other change I have made is adding medicine to make me better and to be able to handle the sore throat. This has included throat candies like Soothers, Strepsils and Manuka Honey lozenges. Also Manuka Honey, Calpol, Bennilynn, Paracetemol, Codine, Meds like, Panadol, Uniflu, Disparin. So I have added these, I wish I didn't have to but I had to take these and this may have hampered my weight loss. I don't mind, Ive lost 4 lbs forever. :)

* Added on the 08/01/12

So Today was banana and Skimmed milk today. I loved it I had almost the full carton of milk and thee bananas as well as the soup. I can feel myself slowly disliking the soup, I had to force down the rest of it. I had a small workout, I don't think you can even call it that, as all I did was walk/jog on the treadmill. It was more and exercise to get me to go to the gym. It was great.

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 6 Find a Diet Coach

I really don't know about this one...I try to keep my diet to myself as much as possible, since everyone keeps telling me that I'm fine the way I am and is in no way encouraging. My hope was that my followers could be a helping hand, but I think I'm the only one on here, so there is one person I know at work who is also looking to lose weight and that I have told about my diet.

She is really nice and receptive and we can learn from each other and motivate and encourage one another. I guess it will be nice to tell someone about this plan and not to be all alone with it. It will be helpful not to only be accountable to myself. And a 'coach' will help pull everything into perspective.

The book asks that you schedule meetings with your coach weekly to discuss pitfalls, achievements and the plans of the diet. The coach will look at exercise completed, weight lost and eating plans. The book also urges to call/email daily for further encouragement.

I think that this is a little OTT, I will have a chat with my coach frequently, but I do not think there is a need to be overly formal about it. I shall tell her all about my diet and we will have chats at work when we're on breaks... Done and dusted!


Day 5 Eat Slowly and Mindfully

Another really sick day! I promise I will fill these in soon with further into. So today is fruit and veg day, no loss though :( maybe its because I'm sick though.

136.2 again


Edited on the 06/01/12

So Today was fruit and veg, which again was not too bad. I'm handling this really well, usually id be halfway through a jar of Nutella now.I guess I keep looking at the fatty pictures of me and thinking that: I'm eating enough food to keep me going and its only for a few more days :)

So I had lots of water Mellon and carrots, and because I was sick I lost my appetite so I didn't eat my soup for lunch. I know that's bad but I was so ill I couldn't eat. I went home and had my potato :)

No loss :( I blame the potato

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 5 Eat Slowly and Mindfully

Judith mentions that there are two reasons for this, the first is that when you eat slowly your brain has enough time to tell you that the stomach is full. It can take the body up to 20 minutes to realise this. So in this way you can avoid over eating. The second reason is that instead of chowing down the food mindlessly you can enjoy and savour every bite and the food will taste better.

I was shocked to find how little food actually filled me up! What a surprised that only a small amount of fruit, veg and soup filled me for the day.

 The way that I decided to do this was to set up the table nicely using place mats, napkins nice tableware and cutlery. It made the whole experience much more enjoyable. I also had to put my spoon down every time between slurps as I often forgot to slow down.


Day 4 Build Your Confidence

OMG I am so sick. Ill let you know how today went another time but..... I lost some weight yay! Its gone forever. Today I am 136.2 lbs :)

Edited on the 06/0612

So on this way I was allowed at the veg I wanted as well as the soup and then in the evening I was allowed a baked potato with butter. I like vegetables so today wasn't too hard, however I was REALLY looking forward to the potato.

So I had mostly raw carrots and broccoli during the day and at lunch I had a big bowl of the soup. I still really like the soup, most people get really sick of it. Sometimes I have the soup blended up and smooth but other times I actually like it much more in a broth. 

I did really enjoy my baked potato at night though. I drenched is in low fat spread and salt, which probably was not the right way to go but I loved it.

And I lost 1.8lbs today. I thought that was great :)

I'm really sick with a flu or cold but I cant speak and I'm tired and have hot and cold sweats so I hope this passes soon.

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 4 Build Your Confidence

To be honest the title shocked me, how am I going to do that in one day? But I'm hoping that this book can give me motivation and confident in myself that I can do this, because honestly I don't think I can right now.

Judith says that you need confidence in your self to lose weight, which I agree with 100%. Knowing you can do it is a huge confidence boost along the way. She tries to instill confidence by giving yourself credit for what your doing. Looking at it at the moment it seems a little silly and not only that it could have the effect of making me complacent.

So here goes:

She wants you to give yourself credit the same way you would a friend. Which is actually a great idea, I don't think I would ever praise myself the way I do other people. It just not my way... especially for little things.

She also says to put on a little bracelet or rubber band and give yourself credit every time you see it.

Everything you do something positive, or don't do something negative, give yourself credit.

Answer back to sabotaging thoughts!

So here it goes:

Well done for not over eating today. Good Job, Anaelle. :)

Ha ha... it still seems a little silly.. but kind of nice too.


Day 3 - Sacred Heart Diet Day 1 - Sit Down to Eat

So I am sick today, some sort of Sinusitis and Bronchitis. But I still powered through, I continued with the Sacred Heart Diet, today I ate the following:

Water Mellon
Espresso (added a little sweetener)


The Soup

More Soup

I also drank a lot of Green tea and went to the loo a lot. I had to add  little sweetener to make it taste better. I know my food plan today look really boring but it was OK, I didn't struggle and it really made me see how much food I eat all the time. I think I did well, I was a little hungry today but it was manageable. I enjoyed the soup and fruit but am looking forward to the veg tomorrow.

I lent my FitBit to a friend so I am not sure exactly how many calories were burned or steps were taken. But I'm taking things easy right now as I am sick.

Starting weight before Sacred Heart Diet 138.0 lbs

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The Beck Diet Solution

Day 3 Sit Down to Eat

So this is the goal of day 3 'Sit Down to Eat' this is going to be a problem. I usually don't sit to eat, its just more convenient not too. Life is so busy. Judith ask you to examine why you don't sit down to eat...

- Life is too busy
- Its convenient
- I have to take the food before I serve it
- Its just a little thing and doesn't count as a meal

These are my excuses, so she then makes the point that we need to MAKE time to sit down. It is not only just to sit down and eat, but sitting down to eat makes you more conscious of the amount of times you eat a day. It makes you realize all the times you eat things as a 'Snack' that you never realised before. I noticed that it makes me question if I even want the snack and sit down or if I'm not hungry and just doing it out of habit.

At first I thought is was a silly unnecessary task but now its helping me cut out some unnecessary snacking and making me conscious of when I am eating. She asks that you continue this along with reading your motivation list everyday until the end of the 6 week plan. I will try my best to stick to it.
If I don't have time to sit and eat I must make time or eat later. This is not on optional task, it is mandatory.

The Sacred Heart Diet

This is a description of the sacred heart diet as per www.everydiet.org....

Day 1
Any fruit (except bananas). Cantaloupes and watermelon are lower in calories than most other fruits. Eat only soup and fruit today.

Day 2
All vegetables. Eat until you are full with fresh raw, cooked or canned veggies. Try to eat green leafy veggies and stay away from dry beans, peas or corn.
Eat veggies along with the soup.
A baked potato and dinner time with butter.
Don’t eat any fruits through today.

Day 3
Eat all the soup, fruit and veggies you want. Do not have a baked potato.

Day 4
Bananas and skim milk: Eat at least 3 bananas and drink as much milk as you can today, along with the soup.

Day 5
Beef and tomatoes: you may have 10 to 20 ounces of beef and a can of tomatoes, or as many as 6 tomatoes on this day. Eat the soup at least once today.

Day 6
Beef and veggies, eat to your heart’s content of the beef and veggies today. You can even have 2-3 steaks if you like with green leafy veggies but no baked potato. Be sure to eat the soup at least once today.

Day 7
Brown rice, unsweetened fruit juice and veggies, until full (and eat the soup).
You can add cooked veggies to your rice if you wish.

Drinks Allowed
  • Unsweetened juices
  • Tea (also herbal)
  • Coffee
  • Cranberry juice
  • Skim milk
  • Lots of water
Soup Recipe
  • 1 or 2 cans of stewed tomatoes
  • 3 plus large green onions
  • 1 large can of beef broth (no fat)
  • 1 pkg. Lipton Soup mix (chicken noodle)
  • 1 bunch of celery
  • 2 cans green beans
  • 2 lbs. Carrots
  • 2 Green Peppers
Season with salt, pepper curry, parsley, if desired, or bouillon, hot or Worcestershire sauce. Cut veggies in small to medium pieces. Cover with water. Boil fast for 10 minutes. Reduce to simmer and continue to cook until vegetables are tender.
The soup can be eaten at any time.

Day 2 Commit to a Diet Plan

So I had to work today which put a little spanner in the works for my 'Start Day', however all the preparations are now complete.

I have decided to kick start my little revolution with the Sacred Heart Diet. This is not a recommended diet in the medial work, however I am not looking to do this for any extended time, just the 7 days. I think it will be a great detox to start the new year with. It is basically just like the cabbage soup diet, where you eat a lot of soup and fruit and veg. I just made the soup YAY :). Here's some pictures

So today I ate a bread roll with sausage and hash brown, pasta bolognaise and some nachos. Not great, i know, but it all kicks off tomorrow.

Steps about 6000
Weight Still 138.0 lbs

********** Updated 21/01/12

The Beck Diet Solution

Day 2 Commit to a Diet Plan

So this is the fun part where we get to think about in what way we would like to lose weight. Firstly a primary diet is chosen, this is the main diet you will stick to and then a back up diet is chosen in case you falter on the first one and don't go on a binge. This is in case you slip-up on the first one you will not fall off the wagon and binge but instead continue with a different modified diet plan. Its so that if the first plan just isn't working for you can fall back on the backup plan.

Judith (the author) ask you to chose your two diets (I prefer the word 'Plans' more) carefully, so as not to set yourself up for failure before you have even started. She says to plan modifications into the 'Plan' so that when an on the spot decision comes along you do not deviate from the plan.

So here are my choices:

- The 17 Day Diet and Gym

- Weight Watchers/Calorie Counting and Gym

I chose the 17 Day Diet and exercise as my main diet-  as I have heard that the diet is easy to follow and promises results.

I can use the info from my fitbit and bodpod meeting to figure out what I need to do.  I will use regular weigh ins and measurements as motivation also.

I think that weight watchers/calorie counting is a great plan to fall back on as its a little simpler than calories counting and its a good place to fall back on as it can be a bit more easy going. Calorie Counting is the most merited and advised way to control wight loss and maintain the lost weight. There is a lot of research and information including studies and online tools that can help you to lose weight. There are also lots of books and such that can educate on this subject and one cam make it strict or easy as they like. Sometimes the calorie counting gets heavy and meticulous so weight watchers is good.


Day 1 Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

So here we go. Day 1 is not off to a great start in terms of following a diet through consistently. However I did a lot of walking and cleaning and didn't really eat a lot of crap. I have a sore throat and am not fully prepared yet to kick start the healthy eating but straight after work tomorrow I'm off to the shops to stock up.

Today I ate two bowls of pasta, I drank very little water and a cup of coffee, promise tomorrow will be better.

Calories Consumed ?
Calories Burned       2180
Current Weight        138

My goal weight is actually 100lbs which is appropriate for my height, however this is towards the lower end of the BMI, so I will stop losing weight when I am happy. I just like 100 as a number. Here is my Day 1 picture, which I am HUGELY embarrassed about, but I have to do this and see it through. I will never ever be fatter than this!

 ********** Updated 21/01/12

The Beck Diet Solution

So today I again am starting the Beck Diet Solution. Again, I know but since I'm sticking to a new plan I thought I could also do this. I mentioned this in a previous post but I will recap here. 

So the Beck Diet Solution is a book which uses Cognitive Therapy to teach you to 'think like a thin person'. I have seen it recommended on many forums and boards and seems to get results. I like their approach of setting you one task everyday to complete for 6 weeks to teach you all the skills that you need to 'think like a thin person'.

Since I am posting every day anyways with regards to my diet, I thought I may as well post my progress with the Beck Diet also. So  as mentioned before the first week doesn't start you on a diet straight away, it looks like it just creates a basic platform and teach you tools for tackling a healthier lifestyle and difficult situations. So I need to get my motivation up! 

Day 1 Record the Advantages of Losing Weight

So I'm on day one and today's take is to ponder the advantages of dieting and write out a list of advantages. The are to get you motivated and get you thinking about the benefits of following through with the 'Diet' (I still don't like that word, but for now it will do). Soooo here's my list:

- I'll be more confident
- I'll be more attractive and look better
- I won't feel so self-conscious
- I'll feel better physically
- I'll be healthier
- I'll like myself better
- I will have accomplished something important
- I'll feel in control

Now the book asks that you review this as many times a day as you can at least twice a day. They ask you to write it out and have a copy in your bag, your wallet, on your bathroom mirror anywhere that you might look. I have decided to have a copy in my hand bag and the other on this blog as I do spend some time here.

The book urges that you read through the list especially when you are having a tough time with diet or exercise and to continue reading the list until the 6 week plan is over .

Happy New Year

So HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! I hope you all had a fabulous 2011 and I hope everyone has an even more brilliant 2012! :)

I have decided that this is the year to lose the blubber, I will never again be as fat as I was last and that is a very motivating thought. From TODAY on I am on a 'Diet' (I hate that word, it makes it seem to temporary) I want a long lasting, sustainable change so maybe I should call it 'My Little Revolution'.

Since today is the day that I begin I will spend the day getting organised and putting together my game plan. Firstly I am changing the name of the blog to the weight I actually wish to lose. Its my goal to post something on the blog every day to stay motivated, I may post something from today that I found interesting, my measurements, weight, consumed calories, burned calories and steps as well as photos. I probably wont do all these things everyday and I cannot promise that I will post everyday, but I really would like to. I would also like to add up my food in weight watchers points just to see how much I am getting in this way.

Little Goals and tasks I want to keep up and achieve:

- Drink lots and lots of green tea
- Take Cinnamon and Apple Cider Vinegar Supplements
- Drink Slimatea
- Don't go to Sleep too late
- Don't Eat  too late
- Do 20 000 steps a day
- Exercise twice a day
- No added salt
- Take the stairs in my apartment building

My main goal is to lose the weight by the end of August 2012, that roughly averages 1 lbs per week. In August I will be going to NYC for a fun trip with a fried so that is why I chose that date to begin my diet. The full diet will begin tomorrow as I like staring on a Monday, but today is me explaining everything and getting my food and everything planned out and organised.

And so begins My Little Revolution....