Day 46

Today I'm 122.6 and I am very happy with that.

I know I haven't posted in the last few days, but since I am done with the Beck Diet Solution I don't think I need to post every day anymore. I am happy with my 1 lbs gain because I had the last 2 days off for Valentines and did not exercise or watch my food intake. Last time this happened I gained like 3 lbs. Sooooo WOOOOHOOOO.

I had non diet Soda, Bagels, Takoyaki, Popcorn, Chicken, Chocolate everything and my gain is tiny. So from today back to good food and from tomorrow back to the gym. Back on track, lets get these last 22.6 lbs off and get on with the rest of my life. The next foreseeable binge is on the 13 March for my birthday and I would hope to be at least 114 lbs by then... but we'll see, my losses are never really this predictable.

I had a wonderful valentines with an amazing boyfriend, we had a really nice breakfast, had a fish pedicure, ate nice food and went to see the Descendants. The movie was a little disappointing for me, and I don't know if it was because everyone else said it was so amazing maybe I was expecting more. Also it was a little sad for Valentines day.

Back on track with food and exercise. I cannot wait to lost more of the weight, I can already see it in my body. I can feel getting closer to my desired shape and it feels nice. Just this week I put on some jeans that I haven't been able to wear in a long time :) I have loads of clothes that I would love to wear again so here I come.

I have come up with some NSV's (Non Scale Victories) that I would like to achieve, they are as follows:

- My thighs not to chave when I walk.
- Be able to touch my toes without bending my legs
- Fit into all the cloths in my closet (within reason)
- My belly not to jiggle when I walk
- Run/Jog 5 km without stopping


Day 43

121.6 still :)

I am still happy about this but would really like a little drop tomorrow. I am really looking forward to being in the teens. I still have cystitus bit its a little better today. I again couldn't fully bear the gym again today, so I did some walking on the incline treadmill. Speed 3.2 and incline 21% for 45 mins, I have to say it was quite a workout. Phew. Other than that I took it easy, did some chores around the house and took a long warm bath.

Food was a bit here and there, had a super late breakfast and then just grazing throughout the day. That's something Im also going to slowly get the hang of.

Ah well, lets see what tomorrow brings.

Day 42 Practice, Practice, Practice.

I'm still 121.6

I'm not well this Saturday, I have something called cyctitus and its not pleasant. I hope that it will pass soon. So exercise today was dismal, I just tried to get as much walking in as possible. I went to a protest today against ACTA which I feel very strongly about. How dare they dictate to us what we can or cannot see, but more than that I fee that if ACTA, SOPA and PIPA passes that the Internet will never be the same again. The creativity and vitality will be sucked from it and it will be rendered to a television 2.0. I think that will be a sad day.

I was disappointed at the protest, not in numbers, but its content. I was embarrassed to have attended for there were many things said that I fully did not agree with such as the word Fascist being chanted often and the police force (whom was very nice at the protest) being verbally abused. These are not things I agree with and I did not come to protest about and I felt made the protest seem much more like a circus and I feel will not be taken seriously.

The Beck Diet Solution

Practice Practice Practice

So its the last day, and that means I'm 42 days into my diet without a relapse, I have to say that I am very proud of myself up until now. Keep it up! Well, this chapter actually doesn't have much in it. It basically says keep doing what you have been doing. If you slip up, fix the issue and re read parts of the book. That's it, over.

The Beck Diet Solution Review

I have to say I enjoyed the book, very structured and I like to stick to a plan like this. It takeled every angle that I can think of with regards to weight loss and really makes you think in depth of what you are really doing and if you can continue achieving it.

I am not sure if I am in the target demographic of the book, maybe its better suited to some one whom has more weight to lose. I did feel that some of the tasks were unnecessary. However even if only one tasks has helped m, out of the 42, then I think it was a good purchase. I am glad I bought the book and followed the plan. I would recommend it to others, but I do think it will work for a certain kind of person rather than everyone.

Day 41 Make a New To-Do List

I'm 121.6 :)

All is going well this Friday, finally the end of the week. I haven't lost anymore weight but that's ok, Ive had a good loss this week already. I'm glad its the weekend and I get a bit of a break. I have Monday and tuesady off work because of valentines. I'm going to spend it with my boyfriend who is awesome.

I went to the gym this morning and did Spin class as well as body sculpt. I again am proud that I went but  I have to start giving a bit more into my workouts and really pushing myself. Just going to the workouts really isn't good enough any more. Also I'm going to have to learn how to refuse cake. At least I know how to limit it to a very Small amount, but we'll see.
The Beck Diet Solution

Make a New To-Do List. 

Oh goody another list!! I love making lists :) ! Well, this is the second last day of the book and its just trying to prepare you for the rest of your life. I will make a list of daily things to remember to do and a list of things that have to be completed daily - weekly and then another spontaneous list.

Daily List:
Be mindful of what I am eating
If I over eat don't think that Ive blown it and compensate with exercise
Try and eat as much 'Healthy' food as possible
Monitor My food

Do fun exercise frequently
Weigh daily is possible
Discuss my weight with my weight coach

Take measurements
If weight creeps back on review the maintenance plan and adjust accordingly.

Day 40 Make a New To Do List

I'm 122.6 lbs (down 0.2 :))

Today is a carb-day so it began with the gym followed by a bowl of porridge with blueberries. The other carbs I've eaten are 2 baby potatoes for lunch with Mince quorn, low fat sour cream and kidney beans YUMMY. I loved it, but I still always feel guilty after.

Otherwise I'm good, legs are a little sore but not like last week. Ill have no probs with spinning in the morning. I would like a loss before Sunday to add to my weekly total but we'll see. I'm looking forward to valentines next week, I've already decided to cheat a little. Having pancakes for breakfast and going out for dinner. Going to try and keep the carbs to a minimum.

The Beck Diet Solution

Make a New To Do List

This has got my attention, I am forever making to do lists...and its definitely about time I get back on track and stop my little cheats and such. Today is about making a list of all the things that I would like to accomplish during and after the time that I lost my weight.

- Take Pole Dancing Lessons
- Buy some sexy Lingerie
- Go to America
- Actually do some photography

Well, there are some things I would like to do. The book then asks you to try and get started on one of the steps as soon as possible. Why wait until the diet is done? So a mate is coming over tomorrow to discuss our America plans, I am also heading to the darkroom to process some film and lastly I have purchased a voucher for some pole dancing classes that I will put to use soon :).


Day 39 Keep Up With Exercise

I'm 122.8 :D

Even though I have Chicken Curry. I think the key is having a small dinner and not lots of food before bed time. So that's a new rule I'm implementing. I went to the gym and did an intense Spinning class and then onto Body Sculpt. Woo I was full of energy this morning. And I'm happy to see that little loss.

I am now going to stick to my diet plan, no more little excuses. I have had ice cream, chicken curry, cake in the last days and I need to get my discipline back. I need to learn to control myself so from today I'm being good.


Beck Diet Solution

Keep Up With Exercise

So far so good. I have been going to the gym for a solid 4 and a half weeks now with only one day off :) I am sooo proud of that.

I don't like exercise, I never did and still don't. I don't think I'm one of those people who never do exercise, then do it for while and love it. Maybe I'm just lazy, but I love sitting on my couch with my duvet and a book or laptop. I work a desk job. I love to sleep. But you never know, maybe I'll start to love it as time passes. Regardless of all that I have gone everyday and I don't plan on stopping until I have at least reached my goal.

I think for maintenance by battle plan will be different. It wont be all about exercise for weight loss. Right now I'm doing all and any classes to lose weight but I would love to find out what I really love to do, what type of exercise will I enjoy on a regular basis. I think doing all these classes is good preparation for that.

Day 38 Deal with Plateau

I'm 124 lbs :)

I was kind of worried as I cheated a little last night with some ice cream. My boyfriend and I went for a long walk and then I got us some ice cream. I went for the dark chocolate. YUMMY. I worked hard not to gain any weight and drank lots of water. I have to get back on track and step it up. I want a loss this week!

Well we'll see. I was good. Went to the gym... ate a little chicken Curry with potato which was not allowed, so instead I skipped my snack and had a small dinner.

The Beck Diet Solution

Deal with Plateau

Oh gosh, I need help with this. I have dieted numerous times before and failed every time when a plateau came about. I have such little will power. Plateaus happen all the time, due to water retention, lack of exercise, over eating, under eating, time of month and many many more.

The book does not really tell you how to combat them but more to expect them and realise that you cannot avoid them. They are a normal part of dieting. Which they are and I'm probably a little more pro active with regards to them. If I'm not losing I usually know why, I know its because I'm slowly going off my food plan, have too many little cheats or not going to the gym.

If I hit a plateau and I know that I have been doing everything right I would probably wait for a few days to a week and if there is still not change I would shake up my food and exercise plan. My body most likely would need some change and is getting complacent so I would increase/change exercise and eat different foods.

Weight loss slowing down is a natural thing, as I get closer to my goal I think it will be harder and harder to shed the excess weight.


Day 37 Reduce Stress

Today I weigh 124 lbs :)

I have to say I love my FitBit, I wear it everyday, all day. It doesn't lie to me and tells me everyday what I've eaten and how hard am I working. I can see if I can eat some more or should be more restrictive, but more so I see how many steps I have taken. I usually try to at very least to do 10 000 steps a day, and try and hit the massive calorie burn that they have given me. I usually don't manage to burn that much.

I went to Spin class this morning and the did some form of Body Tone Workout using a stretchy band. I worked quite hard, could have been better, but good for my first time. eating out of bed so early in the morning is beginning to be a challenge, but I've been going to the gym 4 weeks solid now. I cant stop now.

The Beck Diet Solution

Reduce Stress

Judith discuses the fact that stress can stand in the weigh of weight loss and prevent you from being productive. She advises of the following steps to help you reduce steps.

- Make lists and prioritise, write down all the tasks you have to complete and then rank them in terms of importance. Then simply start at the top to complete them.
- Relax, calm down, use and relaxation techniques such as breathing or audio tapes to take you away from a stressful situation.
- Change your mindset, examine why the situation is stressful, is it really worth getting stressed about? Can it be resolved in a more effective way?

Judith mentions that everyone has some 'silly' rules that they live by, such as 'I cant let anyone help me. Its a sign of weakness' or 'I should not let other people down'. Judith asks that we relax these and ask people for help when we need it, no one will think less of us. She asks that you identify your rule and see if you can relax it.

Mine is that people should be able to read my mind. I'm impatient and I expect people to know what I want, how I want it and such. I guess I have to realise that what I am thinking may not be what someone else is thinking, its ok that they did not react the way I wanted and there is not need getting stressed about it or giving them a hard time.

Now I need to put this into practice.


Day 36 Believe It

I'm 124 again today,

I'll just have to watch it again today as I get some more starches. This always worries me, I want to lose more weight and certainly do not wish to gain any! I'm happy with my progress so far. Today I had a nice lie in and then went for a 45 min spin class. I also took a long walk and walked several times up and down my building. I still think I'll gain tomorrow, I don't know why. Its an awful feeling, I have eating ok today and work out, everything will be ok tomorrow.

The Beck  Diet Solution

Believe It

This chapter is about believing that I can do this, I can lost the weight, I can keep it off and I can do it now and this time. No more repeat dieting, it ends here. I can lose the weight and I am. I have lost 14lbs for EVER

Day 35 Get Ready to Weigh In

I'm 124 wow. I was not expecting that.

I think that I'm making a real effort to move around as much as possible when I have some time, walking everywhere. I have also been listening to my body, just because I have all my food with me for lunch and snacks does not mean I have to eat it. If I'm hungry I don't have to eat. I know its such a simple thing, however I always eat, I'm very structured and organised so if I have planned to eat at a certain time I will.

Well listening to my body is a huge change, I'm beginning to see the difference between stuffed and satisfied and feel the onset of hunger. It unusual and uncomfortable at first, but once you feel these feelings you really get to know your body. I feel more in control, I feel that when eventually I go off the 'Diet' I can listen to my body and not forget about it I can maintain my weight.

The Beck Diet Solution

Get Ready To Weigh In

So the book gets you ready to weigh in tomorrow. Again, I do this everyday so not really relevant to me. I guess its about not letting the number on the scale get you down. If there is a lower number all it means to step things up a bit or review your eating plan. Let's see...


Day 34 Solve Problems

I'm still 125.8 :)

Wooohooo, you know what that means??? That means 'Goodbye Accelerate' and 'Hello Activate'!!! I get some actual carbs yay.

I went to the gym, hamstrings really sore, so I just walked briskly at an incline on the treadmill for 45 minutes. I did not do the Body Sculpt as they were working on legs. Tomorrow I'll be ok as its Hydrorider. Later today I'll be going on my lunch time walk and later tonight I'll be walking to my hair class in town and back :)

I'm just really happy I didn't gain. If I lose some more weight I'll maybe try to squeeze into my goal dress and see how that goes, or I might post some more measurements. I think in this cycle my loss will slow down but I really hope not I want to work hard to get to my goal.

For breakfast I had porridge with slimline milk and blueberries, it was awesome and for lunch I am having a medium baked potato with quorn mince, kidney beans, low fat sour cream, tomato and Parmesan. :) I seriously cannot wait :)

The Beck Diet Solution:

Solve Problems

Today Judith wants to help with solving problems... its very vague, there are not specifics as to what problems. I mean the whole book is about solving the problem of weight loss, is that what she means? But then she uses the example of a bouncing cheque. Lets see... my problems is...making excuses. Judith asks you to examine this using the 7 questions. I mentioned these a few posts ago here. The 7 Questions are:

What is your thinking mistake?

That making excuses does not resolve an issue, it delays it.
What is the evidence that the thought is untrue?
As when I make excuses to overeat or not to go to the gym I either gain weight or it takes me longer to lose it.

Is there another way of looking at it?
Maybe I should give up on the diet thing altogether.

What is the most realistic outcome of the situation?
That I'll be done with the gym in an hour and I'll feel better for it.
What is the outcome of the negative thinking?
Weight gain or plateau.
What would I tell someone else in my position?
Just get it over with, you'll feel great about it later.

What should I do now?
Go to the gym.


Day 33 Eliminate Emotional Eating

:D :D :D :D 125.8 lbs :) I have lost 2.2 lbs :D

TOMORROW I GO ON THE ACTIVATE PLAN!! Rice, Porridge and Potatoes :)

Its a mates B-Day today so I had a little chocolate cake. It was a tiny tiny slice, however I logged about 500 calories for it, even though it was just a sliver. I'm going to skip my morning and afternoon snack as well as only have a light dinner as a consequence. My hamstrings are super sore so instead of doing Pump and Tone this morning I did brisk walking on an incline on a treadmill instead and Abs Attack. I'm going to take a walk at lunch and after work.

I hope it yet again doesn't ruin any loss. I would actually be so depressed if I have gained, Fingers crossed.

So I was is the gym today. I cant help but look around at some people that are there. I don't know if anyone else does this. And I can see some girls and I envy them, and it motivates me because they are gorgeous and working it and showing me that when/if .. NO WHEN I get to their kind of weight I cant just stop working at it. Its a change of lifestyle, I'll just have to work it into my routine and no stick out like a sore thumb so much!

I have to be one with healthy eating and regular exercise.

The Beck Diet Solution

Eliminate Emotional Eating

Well I don't think emotional eating is really my problem. For me it is mindless or ignorant eating. However, let me continue reading and see how it may apply to me. Apparently boredom eating is also a type of emotional eating BINGO, that's me!

Judith talks about identifying when and why you emotionally eat and then tackle the reason you are eating not that fact that you are eating. For example I eat (graze) when I am bored all the time. I have now started filling this time with cleaning up or going to the shops. As soon as I do something else I forget about food and carry on. However there are those times when I still feel like eating and I then know when a distraction doesn't help that I am indeed actually hungry.

The goal here is to listen to your body, its trying to give you a message and stuffing it with food will not resolve the issue. For example: people who eat when they are angry need to understand and address why they are angry.

The two tips in the book that I have found helpful are don't give yourself a choice (I do this via a rigid eating plan) and imagine the aftermath of giving in (well, we can all see where that got me in the end).


Day 32 Prepare to Travel

I really thought that I had lost weight today.... but I'm still 128.

I cant believe that just because of some noodles, a little cake, can of coke, and pulled pork (all in relatively small amounts) I gained 2 whole pounds and have still not lost them. I work over time at the gym with 2 workouts in the morning, I take a brisk 30 min walk at lunch and then try and walk again for an hour or so at night. On top of that I only eat 800-1000 calories per day. I just want to lose the 1.8 lbs that I gained right now!!! I am so angry :(

I went to the gym and worked hard, proud of myself. My hamstrings are very sore today and I think its actually from yesterdays workout. Its funny that it doesn't usually hurt until after the work out the next day. Going to try taking some walks today to see if that stretches them out and gets rid of the soreness.

The Beck Diet Solution

Prepare to Travel.

So today is all about going and holiday, so its not just about traveling but actually going somewhere and staying on the diet whilst there. I would usually diet to get ready for a holiday, the first year it was America, last year Japan and as soon as I hit foreign soil I eat what ever I want, when ever I want. What diet?

Judith says to stay in control, even though you will most likely not be cooking the food and eating out a lot you have to make healthy choices that are good for you. She says to think it through, what are you most likely going to be eating? what can you snack on? what can you allow splurges? I think for me I will try this next time, my next planned holiday is in August. I probably will gain some weight as there probably wont be a gym but I will try and make healthy decisions and not allow it to be a free for all.

Try and plan ahead for as many situations as possible, when will you go out, how much will you drink when you do, what kinds of food will you allow at restaurants, can you have a light fruit breakfast and munch on fruits for snacks? Try and walk as much as possible, maybe take a jog around in the mornings. Anything to get the heart rate up and kick start metabolism.