Monday Night Weigh In...

TA DA..... 126LB on the dot.

Im pretty happy with that considering that for the last few weeks I havent really been too good. I think Im just happy tosee that Im not back to where I started or worse... which was a genuine fear I had before standing back on the scale.

So my new plan is in full swing.Eating my balanced meals everyday and going out for an hours brisk walk/jog inthe mornings. I can finally go outside now that the rain seems to have been banished and the sun is out :) Im hoping for a fabulous 124 lb next week.... bring it on


Sorry ...

Sorry to all the people who said they would follow my progress and I haven’t posted at all :(

Just after my last post my computer died a sudden death. I believe the disease is called blue screen of death. Where the screen goes blue and then the computer turns itself off and will not turn itself on again. It’s very sad as I have A LOT of info on that computer that I would have liked to save. Ah well, lesson learned, always back up your computer. It is now away with the insurance company to be repaired, but I’m not sure what they'll be able to do to fix it. The past month has been stressful trying to organise a computer, working a lot and trying to lose weight.

Anyway, enough excuses. I have been given a computer, barely working, but working none the less, that I can use for the time being. On to my journey and goal, I kind of stopped tracking my progress and loss, one week I was on a diet and the next I wasn’t... but I quickly picked myself up, dusted myself down and got to business again.

In the last month I have lost some weight and am happy to say that my current weight is ...... 126 lb :) I am very happy with this, it means that I haven’t gone up, I’veeven lost a little. Every little helps right?

AND.... I have found out, over the last month, of roughly following my plan outlined in a previous post, that I always fall down every time once I get home from work. I always do well at breakfast and lunch but once I get home from work I just eat whatever I feel like with no regard of if it’s good for me or not. And the reason? No Plan. I have planned out to precision what I have for breakfast and lunch, but dinner? There is no plan. So I made one :) I spent all weekend cooking, I have cooked two giant meals. Diced beef in black bean sauce with whole grain rice and lots of veggies and Cajun chicken with pasta and lots of veggies. Then I split the meals into 8 portions of 300 calories each and put them into individual freezer bags. Now all I have to do when I get home is to grab one of the bags from a freezer and microwave it and done!

With all my meals now planned I can’t lose :) ... let’s see...