3 week stall

So I was pretty down this week due to my fluctuating weight and lack of exercise. This had a very negative impact on my eating pattern. I think I ate quite healthy, however there was a lot of grazing and some over eating. So I decided to hit up Google and get some research done. Trying to find an active solution to my problem always get me motivated.

I have also been looking into various other blogs, which are an amazing source of motivation and inspiration. There is something about reading other similar experiences to your own that gets me all fired up. I think its the idea that we're all human, we're not perfect. We'll get there if we keep moving. It doesn't matter how long it takes.

So I have found amongst my research that there is such a thing as the three week stall. It's probably not a 'thing' but its happening to me and its nice to see that im not the only person that this is happening to. Usually I would get disheartened and give up, but reading about others with a similar situation makes me want to try harder.I found this blog that peaked my interest, where people are having similar issues.

I lost quite a large amount of weight at the beginning of this diet and it just seems to have halted at this point. I put it down to my body realizing that its not going to get the usual amount of calories and slowly adjusting to my new lifestyle. I'm pretty sure my first weight loss was just water anyways. Apparently weight loss grinding to a halt and people even gaining weight at this point is quite normal.

Things I can do to bring back the weight loss-

-Do the same I have been doing and wait for my body to adjust
-More intense exercise
-More frequent exercise
-Exercise longer
-Check that I am eating enough calories and that my body isn't in starvation
-Change my diet to increase my metabolism
-Change the type of exercise im doing to build more muscle and increaser metabolism.
- Eat less and more often
- Keep a closer eye on the calories i am consuming
-Drink more water
- Eat less salt
-Eat less carbs
-Weigh self less and at the same time every week

With all the above in mind I will try and just be aware a lot more about what food I put into my body. One of the steps Im going to take is to set up some mini goals for myself, break down the chunk I want to achieve, such as weekly and monthly goals and of course an end goal.

So keep in mind for next week, exercise more, track food intake religiously and plan my goals.

Im feeling much more positive already. :)


I want to lose 25lb by June, that is 14 weeks from now, 3 and a half months. So my goal is 1.7 lb per week. So every month I would like to lost 7.8 lb.... :) By:

March 1st I weigh 125 lb
April 1st I will weigh 117 lb
May 1st I will weigh 109 lb
June 1st I will weigh 101 lb

I will try and lose 2lb every week, but I will be happy with any kind of a loss :)


I am soooooo sore! I decided to try out Clare Nasirs boot camp video on Sunday!!!! And I'm still sore today! Its Wednesday now :o. My legs are killing me. And because of this I haven't done any more exercise this week, its just too sore and I don't want to do any damage to myself.

I just wanted to kick this week off really well, being good and doing exercise. But no luck, I cant exercise and my food intake at the moment is not being tracked as I eat the same thing every day. :( Just generally sick of eating the same food all the time and sick of not exercising, and sick of going between 126.4 and 124.8 all the time :(

I just hope that I can figure out a new meal plan soon and that I wont be as sore and get my exercising into gear.


I did some more research... and got confused

I just did some research to see how many calories I should be consuming daily to lose weight and the results were very confusing. For my maintenance I got recommendations from 2420 calories to 1419 calories and to lose weight I got from 985 calories to 1920 calories. That's a thousand calorie difference! I am a 4' 11", Female, 23 years old, weigh 125lb and have a sedentary lifestyle (little to no exercise). Below are the results I got.

Maintenance 1475, 1816, 1775, 1814, 1625, 1684, 1642, 2420, 1633, 1544, 1686, 1751, 1419, 1871, 1683, 1475, 1633.

Weight Loss 1180, 1313, 1250, 1708, 1200, 1920, 1133, 1044, 1000, 985, 1314.

So what I decided to do was to add up the number and divide them to get the average. This has left we with a maintenance level of 1703 calories and a weight loss level of 1277 calories. I think this is where I should aim for now. Any comments welcome...

Monday Weigh in on Tuesday

I know I should have posted this yesterday, but I was a bit miffed at my weight and I didn't want to post it at all :(. But I have to take the good with the bad. I was looking back and seen that i had already lost 9 lb, a little loss was to be expected. I think because I was doing exercise I was expecting more. Here it goes, this weeks weight is....


That's it, about 1lb for a hard weeks work. But its still 1lb less than before so I cant complain. Still looking for support if any one reads this.