Lipotrim is a total food replacement program, for the duration of the program you will not be eating anything other than what they give you. This will cost you about the same amount of money that you would usually spend on food a week. In the first week you can have 3 different milkshakes, chocklate, vanilla and strawberry, or chicken soup. After the first week coconut and peanut flap jacks are introduced. You cant eat anything else and you can only drink water, tea (no fruit tea) and coffee (of course without sugar, milk, or lemon). Actually you have to drink 4 pints of water or more a day.

You get to have three shakes or soup in one day, which changes after the first week to either three shakes or soup a day or two shakes/soup and a flapjack. The program controlls exactly what you eat, giving you the grangtotal of around 400 calories a day, the program is desighnted to then let the body consume the rest of the energy it needs to run from your stored fat. This is how you loose the weight. Once your body is burning fat it is in ketosis, this is when you lose the wieght, make sure you are carefull not to eat or drink anything you are meant to at that time, especiall citrus, which interrupts the process.

Every week, on the same day you will go to the pharmacy to get asessed by the pharmacist, this is where you will get weighed and also given your new supply of a weeks worth of lipotrim. This is very handy because it allows you a time where you can ask a professoal about some of the questions you may have and it also keeps you on track.


Week 0

Hi guys, I'm going to begin this blog by tracking my process of weight loss using the Lipotrim total food replacement program which you can get though pharmacies. I started about 5 days ago, so I'm going to back track and start at the beginning. I decided to go for this diet because I have tried to loose weight through healthy eating and exercise before but every time i gave up, since i lose weight very slowly i can become very demotivated, on a positive note, i also gain weight slowly. This diet suits me because instead of being told just to eat certain things i cannot eat anything other than what is given to me. I prefer this because i find it easier to follow, and i can be stricter on myself. In the last week my BMI indicated that i had just crossed the thresh hold into over weight, so now i wish to get back to a healthy weight just on the lower end of my BMI. My weight from before I started college.

here are my measurements:
Age: 23
Weight: 125 lb
Goal Weight: 105 lb
BMI: 25.2
Height: 4ft 11"

Neck: 31.5 cm
Shoulder: 100.5 cm
Bicep: 28 cm
Chest: 92.5 cm
Waist: 75.5 cm
Thigh: 56.5 cm
Calf: 32.5 cm
Hips: 97 cm
Belly: 88 cm

* I will have these measurements at the end of each week to let you know how i am getting on.

So I know this was probably a bad idea, but I went out for a huge last meal the last night before I started my diet. It was amazing we had lots of mexican food and for dessert deep fried ice cream and deep fried pancakes. It may be the last one for a long time :(

Goodbye Blubber!!

My Mission is this: