Day 4- Build your Confidence-

To be honest the title shocked me, how am I going to do that in one day? But I'm hoping that this book can give me motivation and confident in myself that I can do this, because honestly I don't think i can right now.

Judith says that you need confidence in your self to lose weight, which I agree with 100%. Knowing you can do it is a huge confidence boost along the way. She tries to instill confidence by giving yourself credit for what your doing. Looking at it at the moment it seems a little silly and not only that it could have the effect of making me complacent.

So here goes:

She wants you to give yourself credit the same way you would a friend. Which is actually a great idea, I don't think I would ever praise myself the way I do other people. It just not my way... especially for little things.

She also says to put on a little bracelet or rubber band and give yourself credit every time you see it.

Everything you do something positive, or don't do something negative, give yourself credit.

Answer back to sabotaging thoughts!

So here it goes:

Well done for not over eating today. Good Job, Anaelle. :)

Ha ha... it still seems a little silly.. but kind of nice too.

I figured something out...

I have just discovered my main problem. I do really well all day and as soon as I get home from work I falter. Every time, without fail. I sometimes go to the gym before work, then I have a healthy breakfast, then I have healthy snacks and a healthy lunch during the day and as soon as I get home I binge and get really lazy. I don't go to the gym, I eat crap, and I sit any watch TV. I was good for a while but have fallen back into the trap.

I know to anyone reading this it must be really obvious I dont know how I havent seen this before. I guess im doing well all day that when eveing time comes it almost seems like it doesnt count. But it does! I have noticed this pattern for a while now and posting it up is part of me finally addressing it.

I don't know why I do that. Even if I ate crap, why am I not going to the gym. I sit there and watch mind numbing TV, not that theres anything interesting on. I have to get this part of the day under control because if I do, then this whole diet weight loss journey, lifestyle change thinggy would be much easier.
Must work on this!

Day 3 – Sit Down to Eat

So this is the goal of day 3 'Sit Down to Eat' this is going to be a problem. I usually don't sit to eat, its just more convenient not too. Life is so busy. Judith ask you to examine why you don't sit down to eat...

- Life is too busy

- Its convenient

- I have to take the food before I serve it

- Its just a little thing and doesn't count as a meal

These are my excuses, so she then makes the point that we need to MAKE time to sit down. It is not only just to sit down and eat, but sitting down to eat makes you more conscious of the amount of times you eat a day. It makes you realize all the times you eat things as a 'Snack' that you never realised before. I noticed that it makes me question if I even want the snack and sit down or if I'm not hungry and just doing it out of habit.

At first I thought is was a silly unnecessary task but now its helping me cut out some unnecessary snacking and making me conscious of when I am eating. She asks that you continue this along with reading your motivation list everyday until the end of the 6 week plan. I will try my best to stick to it.
If I don't have time to sit and eat I must make time or eat later. This is not on optional task, it is mandatory.

The Rules!

Here are the rules I will follow by for this Journey and my life:

- Believe I can do it

- Never Cheat

- Track Everything

- Blog lots

- Don't Give Up/Make it a habit

- Don't just do it for myself

My Thoughts

Believe I cam do it!!! (I'm still working on this one. I think my lack of consistency and regaining has made me lose my motivation, which is terrible. I cannot do this without motivation. I have just ordered a FitBit so this is getting me a little excited and motivated. I think that once I see a loss it will motivate me and keep me going.)

Never Cheat! (If I deviate from the plan I am not allowed to throw in the towel, I am to drop to the back up plan, take it easy and get motivated again to continue on the plan, perhaps it will be time to modify the plan at this stage)

Track everything (Track every calorie that goes in and every calorie that goes out. By this I mean take note of call the calories I eat in a food diary and also keep a note of my calorie expenditure in my exercise diary. I will do this using MyFitnessPall (online calorie/exercise diary) and ALSO using the FitBit and my RMR. Also I will regularly track my weight and measurements on this blog, probably once a week)

Blog Lots (To get motivation, to hold myself accountable. I don't think anyone readers this, which is ok, just the fact that its out there and people can read it make me accountable to all my potential readers. In my dreams I would like to be able to inspire people and myself, that they, and I, can do this. I awe at people who have achieved weight loss goals. But lots of people have loads of weight to lose, I only have 30lbs and am struggling. I need to be able to do this)

Don't Give Up (I have noted, on my journey that one thing I am very good at is giving up. However I am persistent but this time it has to be about consistency. I can say oh this chocolate bar doesn't count . OF COURSE T DOES!! everything counts!! I have to be realistic and consistent these are my friends on this new journey. I have to make it a habit, make exercise and a healthy lifestyle a habit, once it is it'll be easy as pie)

Don't just do it for myself (I have noticed that if I tell myself that I am doing this for someone else I am more likely to not over eat or go to the gym. If I do it for me I can make all sorts of excuses, but if I do it for someone else I cannot make excuses for them. I have asked by BF and my friend if it is ok to make them in charge (a little) of my exercise and food. So every time I don't want to go to the gym or want to over eat
I have to call them and give them my excuses they are then to decide if it is ok for me to do either. I have done this for a while, and maybe its a bad thing but it works for me. And I have noticed slowly that I call them less and less and am able to make the decisions on my own. I'm learning)


My BodPod Experience

So yesterday, I went to UCD- Belfield in Dublin to have a go at the BodPod. This is a machine that you sit into and somehow it measures your body fat percentage and your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) along with some other measureemnts.

I still had to work yesterday, which usually statrs at 9am, so I had to get up really early to go see the BodPod, my appointemnet was at 8. So even at that, with all the rush hour traffic I was still an hour late for work.

When I get there the gentleman asks me to change into shorts and a loose tshirt, he takes my hight and weight and then asks me to put on a swimming cap and sit in the BodPod (there is a picutre of a BodPod below) and then we do the test twice to make sure ots right. The test costs about €65 which is quite steep, but I think it was worth it.

I found out that my body fat percentage is 37%. 30%-40% an excess of fat and over 40% things begin to look grim. Goal one is to drop into the 22%-30% mark which is considered generally healthy.

My estiamted RMR was 1070 calories, so this is what I burn for one day if I do nothing but sit and breath. This leaves my usually daily life, without extercise, at 1327 calories and around 1626 calories. I think the plan is from here to eat 1200 cals a day.

Day 2 - Commit to a Diet Plan

So this is the fun part where we get to think about in what way we would like to lose weight. Firstly a primary diet is chosen, this is the main diet you will stick to and then a back up diet is chosen in case you falter on the first one and don't go on a binge. This is in case you slip-up on the first one you will not fall off the wagon and binge but instead continue with a different modified diet plan. Its so that if the first plan just isn't working for you can fall back on the backup plan.

Judith (the author) ask you to chose your two diets (I prefer the word 'Plans' more) carefully, so as not to set yourself up for failure before you have even started. She says to plan modifications into the 'Plan' so that when an on the spot decision comes along you do not deviate from the plan.

So here are my choices:

- Calorie counting and Gym

- Weight Watchers and Gym

I chose calorie counting and exercise as my main diet- this is the most merited and advised way to control wight loss and maintain the lost weight. There is a lot of research and information including studies and online tools that can help you to lose weight. There are also lots of books and such that can educate on this subject and one cam make it strict or easy as they like.

Also I will try and investigate this as much as possible to keep my motivation up. I am getting my fitbit soon and have taken a trip to the local bodpod :) I will use regular weigh ins and measurements as motivation also.

I think that weight watchers is a great plan to fall back on as its a little simpler than calories counting and its a good place to fall back on as it can be a bit more easy going. Sometimes the calorie counting gets heavy and meticulous.


Day 1- Review the Advantages of Dieting

So I'm on day one and today's take is to ponder the advantages of dieting and write out a list of advantages. The are to get you motivated and get you thinking about the benefits of following through with the 'Diet' (i still don't like that word, but for now it will do). Soooo here's my list:

- I'll be more confident
- I'll be more attractive and look better
- I won't feel so self-conscious
- I'll feel better physically
- I'll be healthier
- I'll like myself better
- I will have accomplished something important
- I'll feel in control

So that's my list of motivations :) Now the book asks that you review this as many times a day as you can at least twice a day. They ask you to write it out and have a copy in your bag, your wallet, on your bathroom mirror anywhere that you might look. I have decided to have a copy in my hand bag and the other on this blog as I do spend some time here.

The book urges that you read through the list especially when you are having a tough time with diet or exercise and to continue reading the list until the 6 week plan is over .

Also I just was looking around online and I stumbled across this scary image. There's motivation to lose some weight and get fit. It is an X-ray of an obese person compared to a normal weight person (I think) and i never look at weight loss on the inside. Its important that our internal organs are healthy and not smothered by fat.

As a side note I am honestly not motivated at all, I know I should be but I just cant get into the swing of things. I have tried this so many times before and failed and its not the diet that has failed me it is me that has failed the diet. I just need some will power, eat less and move more. So simple but so difficult also, trying to break life long habits.


Diet Drinks

I am totally addicted to diet coke. Its rediculous, I have several cans a day. This is a habbit I am going to have to get under controll, going to try some teas :) I found a very educational video that explain how diet soda can cause weight gain...


I am doing the Beck Diet Solution

So the Beck Diet Solution is a book which uses Cognitive Therapy to teach you to 'think like a thin person'. I have seen it recommended on many forums and boards and seems to get results. I like their approach of setting you one task everyday to complete for 6 weeks to teach you all the skills that you need to 'think like a thin person'.

I have actually started this book a few days ago so I will catch up on these days via this blog and then should post more or less everyday after that to keep me sticking to the plan. So from what I can see the first week doesn't start you on a diet straight away, it looks like it just creates a basic platform and teach you tools for tackling a healthier lifestyle and difficult situations. So I need to get my motivation up!

Wish me luck xx