Day 41 Make a New To-Do List

I'm 121.6 :)

All is going well this Friday, finally the end of the week. I haven't lost anymore weight but that's ok, Ive had a good loss this week already. I'm glad its the weekend and I get a bit of a break. I have Monday and tuesady off work because of valentines. I'm going to spend it with my boyfriend who is awesome.

I went to the gym this morning and did Spin class as well as body sculpt. I again am proud that I went but  I have to start giving a bit more into my workouts and really pushing myself. Just going to the workouts really isn't good enough any more. Also I'm going to have to learn how to refuse cake. At least I know how to limit it to a very Small amount, but we'll see.
The Beck Diet Solution

Make a New To-Do List. 

Oh goody another list!! I love making lists :) ! Well, this is the second last day of the book and its just trying to prepare you for the rest of your life. I will make a list of daily things to remember to do and a list of things that have to be completed daily - weekly and then another spontaneous list.

Daily List:
Be mindful of what I am eating
If I over eat don't think that Ive blown it and compensate with exercise
Try and eat as much 'Healthy' food as possible
Monitor My food

Do fun exercise frequently
Weigh daily is possible
Discuss my weight with my weight coach

Take measurements
If weight creeps back on review the maintenance plan and adjust accordingly.

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